Our Team

Our Team

Vipan Sharma


With more than 28 years of experience in the travel industry, Vipan brings a vision to provide seamless quality and reliable travel experience to Luxurinate’s clients. A passionate traveler, Vipan has traveled around the world and is keen on sharing his knowledge about luxury travel with those who seek it. Seeing the lack of good luxury travel agents in the country, he decided to start Luxurinate, which would serve as a platform for ultra lux travel itineraries. With customized itineraries as the focus of the company, Vipan aims to change the face and definition of luxury travel. He aims to model it into something that Luxurinate stands for. Vipan's mantra for Luxuriante is simple- to offer unique products and services that are not available anywhere. Luxuriante is customization at it's best!

Sudhir Kochhar
(Executive Director Sales)


Sudhir brings 20 years of luxury travel experience to the table. A voracious traveler, Sudhir has done it all. His knowledge and love for traveling is so extensive that he knows where to get the best of the best. With a plethora of knowledge of luxury travel and tourism backing him, Sudhir's vision for Luxurinate is to provide the very best yet extraordinary experiences to its clients. Sudhir provides insider details to all itineraries so you can be sure that what you get with us, you won't get anywhere else. He knows Luxury travel at the back of his hand and it's this first-hand information that sets Luxuriante apart from all other travel companies.

Kamini Sharma


With 2 decades of experience strengthening her position in the luxury travel industry, Kamini is the force behind the smooth and glitch-free backend operations of Luxurinate. Her vision, enthusiasm and vivacity are the source of energy at the workplace. She started her career in luxury travel and today, she's the go-to person for personalised luxury travel itineraries. She knows the importance of a well thought-out holiday and brings this very aspect to all the personalised itineraries that Luxurinate creates. She loves traveling and loves traveling like Royalty. As a core member of the Luxurinate group, she ensures that our clients get nothing but the very best!

Shanti Arya


Shanti has been in the luxury travel industry for more than 8 years, she knows everything about the luxury travel industry. According to her, her ultimate goal is to the make sure that everyone who travels gets nothing short of perfection, right from the beginning to the very end. Her passion for travelling and exploring is so deep rooted that she tries to impart all that she learns through her travels, to other enthusiastic travellers. If you are looking for first-hand, local experiences then she's the one who can provide them to you. Travel like a local throughout the world with Shanti's expertise and industry knowledge!

Sonia Kapil


Sonia has been in the luxury travel industry for over 10 years. Her love and passion for travel blossomed early and so, she decided to study Travel and Tourism. An enthusiastic traveller herself, she knows everything about the luxury travel industry. Sonia is self-motivated, disciplined and extremely hard working. You can be sure that you and your family will be taken care of with her around! And with her knowledge and expertise of the industry, you can be doubly sure that you'll experience a holiday of a lifetime through the itineraries she crafts!